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the producers signed brian poole and the fro the lows instead. on the plus side he did also signed the rolling stones. you have heard of them. bidding on a rare below state is going to start at $30,000. effect trees you don't succeed you and you and you wonder israel's response to a barrage of missiles from palestinian areas the sharp escalation has raised fears of a widening conflict and the possibility of a repeat of israel's 2008 invasion of gaza. the following rocket attacks by hamas. this time around, the rules are vastly different. israel's missile defense system
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has greatly improved, the iron dome will when incoming rockets that israel is taking on a better armed hamas. this all presenting a serious challenge for both the united states and the obama administration and obstacles in creating a genuine palestinian peace process. we will take all of that up tonight with admiral james lyons. congressman louie gohmert of texas will also be here fred also, president obama has no plan to announce tax cuts and spending cuts. why they don't add up to anything meaningful.
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lou: the testimony before congress has been surveyed. congressman mike rogers. everyone else has testified that they didn't. do you agree? >> i do agree. and the deputies committee, i'm sure the white house representatives of national security from the national security agency council had their orders. lou: general david petraeus says
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for his part, one of the confusing things -- confusion between the testimony he gave to congress three days after september 11 and what he said over the past few days in congress, it represents what happens when you try to avoid tipping off terrorists. do you buy that? >> according to congressman king, it indicates that betray d petraeus deadlock. lou: is appropriate for a military man to take upon himself or herself for the good of the country and misrepresent reality united states congress. >> certainly based on what congressman king has reported in
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the open press something of the like. lou: specifically, it means that he is now in southeast asia. you see the more political motivation of geopolitical foreign policy issues. >> , well, this is the washington game. when you have a scandal brewing in washington, get out of town. lou: what do you think of the president deciding to use the language of the former military government of burma in referring to burma as miramar. what do you make of that, if anything? >> well, i really don't know what to make of it. but i will say that certainly while he is out there, i would hope he would take the
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opportunity to condemn china for its bullying and aggressive tactics and the iron imperialism in the south and east china sea. and while he's there, he should make it very clear that should their tactics involved in hostilities between our allies, japan, and the philippines, they are a mutual defense treaty that will be brought into play. anything less than a will not deter china from progressive tactics. a shop needs to be fired across the land. lou: referring to israel and the engagement of hamas, which looks like, right now, despite the involvement of the united nations secretary general and others, trying to mediate, it looks like this could turn into a ground operation which the israelis have threatened within a matter of days. what is your outlook?
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>> i think that is certainly a possibility. but you have to step back for a minute. who supplies hamas? it is iran. you have to look at iran's role in this current conflict. certainly, egypt has a hand for mohammed morsi and his disastrous economic policy. but what it has done is taken the nuclear issue off of the table. let's face it, iran has been at war for over 33 years. they conducted another act of war just a week or so ago when they fired an unmanned drone. as usual, we did not come forth to meet the challenge. lou: thank you very much. as you point out, the national media and in this context of the
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context between israel and hamas, taking note of the president's agenda and the absence of china on this specific event. admiral, we always appreciate talking to you. lou: joining us now is congressman louie gohmert. he was just reelected to a fifth term and he served previously as chief justice. great to have you with us, congressman. >> it's always good to be with you. lou: the speaker making it clear that very positively, potential accommodation if terms are met. that is pretty positive stuff, don't you think?
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>> well, it is positive. but there is a lot of pressure right now, and of course, the pressure is what can be used. this is the time to be bold. not the time to be defensive. i am glad speaker has come forward with a proposal. but we ought to be taking the president's word. he wants everyone to pay their fair share and let's do it. let's have capital gain. let's have income taxes at 15%, gift taxes at 15%. let's make sure that warren buffett probably starts paying not just like a secretary, a proper percentage. what has been proposed will not have warren buffett paying this percentage. let's have a flat tax. take him at his word and if you make more common you will pay
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more, not the only way it will happen. lou: the president himself may have been talking to you or steve forbes. >> this is a great time. not only that, let's not forget that the last time that the senate had a budget is when harry reid worked with his friend, and nobody in the 2008 budget complained that they weren't spending enough money. that cuts out a trillion in spending right there.
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are you concerned about the time that they had taken have taken on this first day of the discussion? >> i was not hopeful that the president's tone. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] lou: are you being partisan here? >> i am not being partisan. i am being objective when i say that the president pays 1.6 trillion in new revenues. he wants to destroy the economy. no one in their right mind is going to allow that kind of increase to devastate the economy. lou: that's a good point. it's interesting that no one is talking about the fact that individual tax payment, 26% of the bush tax cuts over the past
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two years, the answer here is this. i just want to see everybody be happy. let me turn to benghazi. there is a palpable sense in washington dc right now. i don't believe the congress has the strength or the tools to actually penetrate the veil of denial and secrecy and opaqueness that is this administration and what it has done. now, when you think this is? >> the attorney general has to do this. lou: can you really see eric holder doing that? saying that we will investigate
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ourselves? >> if he doesn't do an independent investigation, you have the very people who have floated the idea of prosecuting general petraeus, there are all kinds of things they might do to him. there is all kinds of pressure that can be brought about. lou: are you saying that you don't think, i was speaking earlier with. rinsing, you don't think it's a coincidence that all of this started raining down on davidd3 petraeus's head, as soon as he issued against the wishes of the administration, a cia timeline on benghazi, do you? >> this is exactly, and i love your sarcasm, but that is exactly the problem. in the way that we do have the tools is we have a department of injustice -- if it becomes that,
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we have the power to define it. it is clearly being used and it is time to define the parts of it that are being unjust. we have that power. the other thing that is so good about america, when the american people rise up and say this is crazy, people are crying for help and nobody did anything. for heaven sakes, somebody answer the phone. we need to know, and this
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attorney general is not going to do it. the american people need to rise up and make it clear. we need an independent investigation. lou: congressman louie gohmert, it's always good to talk to you. corporate leaders asking the president to be pro-business. carl's junior president doesn't think that the president is listening. coming up next. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve great rewards.
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♪ visit to learn your risk. over $250,000 per year. e group of top ceos lou: a group of top ceos meeting with the president today, saying they were encouraged. my next guest says that raising tax rates will stifle business growth and cost joining me is the ceo of carl's junior and hardee's. good to have you with us. >> it's great to be here. lou: let's start with the idea that this president wantsbargais
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$1.6 trillioni and that is a hek of an initial bargaining position, is meant? >> itid the president talks about taxe e rate increases. the real uquestion is, can youw raise tax revenues? the only way we are going to dof enough revenues to get us out of trouble is private sector growth. and you're not going toy have that if you're telling the private sector are going toheira raise their taxes and theirltras healthe care costs and theirrar energy costs and their labor costs. people are not going to invest.j you are going to find the kindd of job creation and you're looking for. american businesses want this president to succeed. his success is tied to mythe success. conversely, his success is tied to that of american business.. there has to be common ground, but i have not seen it yet.ow lou: would he think about thegu ceos showing up to talk bigy wih the big guy with small business that creates most of the jobs in re
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this country, not represented.t these folks represent a fraction of our economy. and they haveey a major portionn the lobbying efforts.ut. >> they can be subject to attack, they are also sometimes subsidize, so they have to worrr about subsidies and government contracts, they are concerned about it. bus small businesses are not concerned with those things. small businesses can make a mucs better case to the president as what needs tois be done in this economy. what would it take for smallbuss businesses to create jobs and ec grow the economy? needs to
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he doesn't need to talk to the same high level executive that he has been. ta he needs lto get down to the lower levels and talk to small businessmen and women. lou: okay, let's get down toagga some taxes. we are talking about what the president is talking about, and we are being dragged along with it. we are to see the top 2% paying 50% of all the taxes i don'tkini anow what impact would be, but w do have the suspicion that the president is aware of the fact his individual tax payments to this government have risen byvee 25% under the bush tax ratesa over the past twors years.and er the real answer is staring him and everyone else in the face. >>at is gross. >> yes, absolutely. private sector growth is the only way out of g done
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the government has done everything it can do.. a hundred billion in stimulus.i interest rates are at zero almost. the government has done what it can do. we now need the private sector.a the 39.6 tax rate, you are not adding into 3.8% obama tax increases. that hit small businesses that are subchapter as corporations and the larger corporations, the corporate tax rate, that makes them feel very good.t the businesses that will be helr are the very small and midsize businesses. lou: the ones that went there today. >> those that are getting hit with the energy increases in labor cost increases b-1 if i td would've i told you that i think?
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fewer still want to be loved with all the deficit. lou: it's going to have to mean cutting the federal budget.the x >> even if we increase the taxr, rates, as you noted, the top 1%y in this country, 17% of the 37 income is what they make. they pay 7% 37% of the taxes.oug lou: give us your last thought here.ith the >> mr. president, please, please we work with the businessyou' putti community. we want you to succeed. but you are puttingy animpedims in a way to make it impossible. we want you to succeed. work with us.
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>> i don't expect the republicans to love our budget. compromise is hard. we are going to have to compromise. lou: no spending cuts, what is the deal? that is tonight's "chalk talk"
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♪ ts we, h lou: the president wants to raise taxes. by $6 trillion., that is his initial bargaining position on the fiscal cliff. he wants to do that over thethis next decade. it works out to 160 billion per year in taxes.o
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republicans are howling aboutup? it, but are they wrong to do so. let's take a look at some rlier earlier this year, the president unveiled a 3.8 -- i love this. we just talk about these numbers like there's nothing to it. them $3.8 trillion budget. he forecasted a $1.3 trillion deficit. th so that means, if i can figure this out, $2.5 trillion to work with. $1.3 trillion in deficit. $901 billion left for next year. our national deficit iss big pl $16 trillion. everybody knows that. the president's bignt plans, he just wants $1.6 trillion in new
10:28 pm
taxes.t here is how he wants to get there. first he wants to raise 849 billion. by allowing the bush tax cuts -y there they go. taking him away.f the very first of december of this year. incom incomes of more than $250,000, 849 billion includes 206 billion in higher taxes on dividends. $123 billion on limiting i'm itemized deductions.pital higher taxes on capital gains. then they want to raise another$ $534 billion over 10 years.ten b excuse me,y over two years, by using tax rates.e mortgage payments and -- oh, by the way, that might have ane evr impact on the housing industryby and that could get everybody excited. we have something good going, so
10:29 pm
mones squash that. the rest would come from raising taxes on commodity traders, life insurance policies, and energye companies. but let's be serious for a moment.that ea the 1.6 trillion breaks down ton $160 billion each year career this leaves a hole of th $840 billion. if we want to balance the -- budget.lo you are lookingok at aident li 1 trillion-dollar deficit.ell yt so he won't tell you this, but i th will.even the tax revenue is alreadyederal increasing under the bush rates. in fact, individual income tax payment has risen $233 billion
10:30 pm
over the course of the past two years.26% up 26%. 26%. r by the way, breezing the regional tax rate is a sureion n recipe for i disaster. that wasn't part of today's news conference or a part of the discussion. don't you think that it ought to be? president obama is going to meet with some of the country's most respected ceos. can they convince him to take the path to prosperity. george gilder joins us next the! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make...
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no longer beautiful? every year, millions of young women try to change the skin they were born with and say they'd die for darker skin. sadly, some actually do. melanoma is the second most common cancer in teens and young adults, and one person dies from melanoma every hour. change your thinking, not your skin. stop tanning. learn more at a message from the american academy of dermatology. lou: president obama meeting with heads of the labor union today who say thpresid lou: president obama meeting with heads of the labor union today who say the president is committed to higher taxes on tor
10:34 pm
e.rners, saying the rich do not pay their share. tomorrow, some will meet witho e the president and also members ofmb the campaign takes the fixo the debt movement, pushing for long-term plan to fix our debt and deficit joining me now is one of the most thouggtful and provocative thinkers is the author of a new book called the israel tests. george, it's great to>> have you here. >> it's great to be here. lou: let's start with some politics. we are faced with economic if oo calamity if our politics don't whrk here. what would you put the odds that we are going to see rationale and the effect of this emerge from washington dc in the fiscal cliff?ero. >> zero.>> i [laughter]crease gernm >> if we could keep our current
10:35 pm
tax rates, we would continue to increase government revenue.over years.or government revenue has increased 26% in the last twoaso years. lou: do that again? >> the last two years, government revenues have risen 26%, almost a quarter using the bush tax rates, bringing in mor revenue, not less revenue. lou: it has been demonstrated throughout history. you interpret the drama to bef? really a total lack of faith enoch in front of the growthdems model that is being two demonstrated, as he you pointed out in the past two years? they are saying this economy just can't grow fast enough toe ec support this government. we won't see revenue increasee r unless we raise taxes. >> that is absolutely correct. but of course, the perverse thing is that you don't get gro
10:36 pm
growth if you raise taxif rates. california and several other states, the top rate is approaching 50% effectively. fie they have as much incentive to fire somebody to lower costs is to hire somebody to increase revenues. lou: so we have a contemporaneous experiment going on.t it is a high-risk experiment, but nonetheless an experiment.ra in california, bringing tax levels above 50% in the nation getting ready to move higher.oio are we going to see california behave as the canary in the colh wind, if you will, when it comes to economic growth and theabili ability to support an ever-growing government? >> of go course, people are jusg fleeing california. t california is a microcosm of what happens to countries that raise their tax rates. entrepreneurs flee and welfarela
10:37 pm
recipients pour in, and you have an unsustainable state of affairs. that is california. silin unsustainable. meanwhile, they are destroying silicon valley. it is america's greatest asset., the source of all our technology and it is our potential for everth, and we are circling it over with a cast of green goo. everyone in silicon valley is now angling for green subsidy. and it is a tragedy. the money lou: that is compounded by the fact that the money that has been spent, by this administration, if you will, he
10:38 pm
rf seeking government subsidiese >> he now wants us to supportco him rather than other companies. u: joh >> john is being adapted to new realities. the primary source of the capital, i suppose. i want to turn to this book. the israel tests, would you taki up the issue of the role ofance of i civilizationsr and the importane of israel within it is a capitalist as well as that of jewish faith. that isra you really believe that israel >> that strong and important. the fulcrum and the world's future? >> i certainly do. the american economy is heavily dependent upon israel today. partly because of the debauchery of silicon valley. now, israel is a crucial source of new technology for apple.
10:39 pm
microsoft, cisco, johnson & johnson. montesano, all of these companies are dependent uponthar technologies that come from israel. of course, our defenses are also deeply dependent upon technologies as well. obama seems to think that egypt is more important than israel oe turkey is more important than israel.rael i israel is the most important technology force in the world next to the united states. at and if we keep on our current path, israel will be number one. lou: all right, israel tests. that is your new book. always great to talk with you, george. you can find a link to the book on lou: the free and the brave? how about a land of pansies and whiners. we will tell you what greg says
10:40 pm
coming up next. we will talk about his new book, the joy of hate
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lou: our next guest says our country is under attack by liberals claiming to be offended and outraged and trying to disguise their own intolerance. joining us now is greg who is the cohost of the five on the fox news channel. he is the host of redeye. his new book is here. it is the joy of hate. how to try him over whiners in the age of phony outrage. it is great to have you here at. >> thank you for having me. lou: a brilliant book, as we would expect. it is great. you came up with a word that i like.
10:44 pm
a "toleratic" is a person who claims to be tolerant until they meet you. they travel in packs, which i call them like mosquitoes that have malaria. they are groups of people the typos options in life. lou: you are so right about it. there is this sense that they project, which is that they are superiors. that it is some kind of supremacy thing going on in the rest of us are incapable of understanding their genius. but it goes on throughout our society. and i love how you refer to fox news as the death spiral. >> that's how they look at it. i have a whole chapter about ii.
10:45 pm
the real estate agent is kind of looking around, and then he notices there is a picture of me with fox news and he says, this is your city, you might want to -- you know. lou: 98% of the prospective buyers would be liberal? >> yes, i put everything in the chest and we buried it in the ocean. so no one will ever find it. lou: it is strikingly refer to this. we were just talking about this, it is overwhelming all of these left wing networks, we will call them. msnbc, cnn, it is really true. you get one of two reactions, or at least i have. that is that you work for fox. and the other one is that you work for fox. the louder reaction is the one that is 80% of the time at least. lou: what's funny is that he
10:46 pm
will you will run into people that are fans of fox and it takes five minutes before you realize they've never watched it. you see something on a blog or the assumption is that is the enemy and then you will be at a bar, which is worse than 95% of my time, and i end up talking to them and saying, you're normal. and you have a strange view of what we are. i've got to give you credit for the juxtaposition. that is hard to do. >> it's one of the worst jokes in the book. i was comparing bad news to
10:47 pm
being in the zoo with bad news. >> by the way, i'm not even sure if i'm pronouncing it correctly. because that is the funny thing about it. there will be times when you'll be saying words for the first time that you've never said before like i have never said that were before as far as the animal goes. i don't know because i've never said it out loud. lou: all who are watching and listening right now can simply buy this book, which we highly recommend "the joy of hate." i love that analysis. i truly do. it is a feature of our society that needs to be dealt with end greg has dealt with it. thank you so much.
10:48 pm
lou: the david petraeus sex scandal. without it, would we have ever learned about benghazi? and what was going through the mind of our nations top spy? robbie left leg ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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lou: i have been looking forward to psychoanalyzing david petraeus and some of those part of the benghazi crisis we have robbie ludwig and jeffrey gardere. please explain it so it makes sense. how does a man with a 37 year career, a four-star general,
10:52 pm
distinguished, perspective, how in the world that we will take the job and say that he's not quantity surveyor? is not going to be the good guys and bad guys and everything in between -- what would you be thinking? >> i think people who engage in this -- i figured i could get away with it. people who know him really love him. they thought he was experiencing a void. we were talking about how he had this very exciting life. he was in afghanistan and iraq. and then he moved here. perhaps he felt like he was missing that excitement. lou: he is the head of the cia. >> you know, everything can get boring. and then he has this woman. lou: who he did not find boring. >> she was very seductive and complementary. >> he had a lot of the same values as her. she was very admired.
10:53 pm
>> he was always honest and a very standup guy. i think there is something unique to this the situation that led to his fogbound. lou: let's go to the psychology of this woman, paula broadwell. here she is. she has top-secret clearances, she is writing a book and has never done so before. she has a contract to write it and goes to afghanistan to talk to the general. this woman is an animated, energetic german soccer, at least on the surface of it, and by all appearances. is there any possibility that that is what she is about. >> i don't know she is a stalker, but she is a type a personality. she knows what she wants.
10:54 pm
she's very bright. how can you become a biographer with working with general petraeus, she's a married woman with children. lou: a graduate of west point, studying at harvard. >> going after a man that she saw as a father figure and a lover and he couldn't turn on the fact that he had this beautiful woman who complimented him. >> do you think it would've sobered him up as being a father figure? >> i don't think so.
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we use this board to compare car insurance rates
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side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ] lou: we are back with doctor robbie ludwig and doctor jeffrey gardere. what i was saying is that general petraeus is a man of the cia. he built his career. i understand that he could go where ever he wanted, he is in charge of two armies. where is the condemnation in the
10:59 pm
society? it's a very public matters. >> this is not something that happened overnight. there were a lot of things they are. lou: but specifically about him -- >> we are desensitized. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> we are used to hollywood men cheating on the time. >> this idea that there is a sophistication. >> people are stimulated sexually all the time. [talking over each other] [talking over each other]

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